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CRM Features


CRM Chatbot is the most advanced chat solution for websites. This app has a lot of features and could be used in both manual mode(to provide support) and automatic mode. It could be used even as website's assistant by monitoring automatically the visitors actions in a website and providing automatic support.

Chat's Design

The chat's design is added dynamically. Anyone could upload a php class in a folder and the users will be able to select the added class with styles. Each chat's styles could have original animations and design. By default is a chat's style called Default but on our online store you could purchase a more advanced chat's style and use it.

Chat's Bots

In the CRM Chatbot app the bots are the templates which you could create easy and even get preview in real time. The bots could be with images, text, items, buttons, videos, slideshow, etc. The bots elements like the chat's styles could be added dynamically.

Quick Replies

The quick replies are used to send automatic messages based on the visitors messages. Is possible to select the accuracy for the keywords and reply automatically with a text message or bots.

Website's Triggers

The triggers is the key feature in the CRM Chatbot app. Them could be used to monitor automatically the visitors activity on a website and send messages.

There are 3 triggers events:

  • Visited page - if a visitor gets a page which monitors a trigger, the trigger will send a message. The condition could be equal or like. Is possible to increase the monitored pages by using the like operator. If a page contains a parameter in the url, will be sent a message.
  • Clicks - monitors which clicks does a visitor and sends messages.
  • Seen Elements -monitors when the visitors are seeing an area in a website and sends automatic messages.

CRM Chatbot + CRM Automations

The CRM Chatbot app collects the emails addresses from the received visitors messages. In addition, even the phone numbers are collected. All data is possible to export in a CSV file.

The visitors which are using the chat will be saved automatically with their contact data in a separate list. The list could be exported in a CSV file.

Each user could decide by role which websites could manage a team's member in the CRM Chatbot app. The restrictions will work even for the websites threads, visitors and collected data.